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Introducing the

Money won't create success,
the freedom to make it will

Hub88 is changing the game in the way your business banks.

Introducing the HubWallet. Now, Hub88 clients will be able to
make and receive payments seamlessly through their Back Office and Mobile App.

HubWallet reduces waiting time on incoming payments so you can get to work on the
important decisions and eliminate manual invoicing and processing fees.

Make payments easily

Supporting both fiat and crypto currencies, HubWallet lets you pay your invoices from within the Back Office in minutes. Just top-up your balance in your preferred currency and pay.

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Fast transfers and low cost exchange

From Ethereum to Bitcoin and everything in between, we created one simple gaming wallet giving you full banking and crypto support that takes all the headaches out of the exchange.

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Your HubWallet is always with you

While you can use HubWallet on your computer through our Back Office, you can also use every feature on our mobile app as well as via our Telegram support.

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The next generation of casino aggregation has arrived.

Among the largest content libraries in the industry and a powerful back office lets you change the game in Europe, Asia, crypto and beyond.

What are you waiting for?